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Grug Muse

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Grug Muse is a writer from Dyffryn Nantlle. She writes mostly poetry and essays, but is also an editor and translator. Her most recent collection, merch y llyn was published in 2021, and her work has appeared in O’r Pedwar Gwynt, Codi Pais, Poetry Wales, Wales Arts Review, and has been translated into Greek and Croatian. She co-edited the essay anthology Welsh (plural) which appeared with Repeater in 2022, and was co-editor of Dweud y Drefn Pan Nad Oes Trefn, an anthology of contemporary poetry that appeared in 2020. In her work, she explores themes of identity and language, as well as nature and the climate emergency.

For this project, Grug spent time in conversation with farmers from across North Wales to understand what the future of our natural environment meant to them. She said “We need to improve the way we live on this planet. Not only to live in a greener way, but also fairer, and more just. We can’t do this without hearing the voices and stories of all the communities affected by the climate emergency and the ways we choose to respond to it. I look forward to learning what ‘living better on our planet’ means to the diverse communities in Wales.”

Through this engagement she developed a new body of poetic work to respond to the themes of Nature and Us. These can be viewed here:

Cerddi Natur a Ni - Grug Muse